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About This Site - at ChemicalElements.com

About the Site

My name is Yinon Bentor, and I created Chemical Elements.com as my 8th grade science project several years ago. Since then, I have continued to update the site in my free time, and the site is now very different from the original design. Since I "completed" the site for my science fair project in early 1996, I have added more information to each of the element pages, changed the layout of the site to make it easier to use, added different ways to view the table, and made the site more aesthetically pleasing. Formerly "The Periodic Table of the Elements on the Internet", the site has moved through several servers. Web hosting is now provided by pair Networks.

A Little History

I began working on this table as soon as my science fair project was approved, which was at the beginning of February 1996. The original table was created in that month, and was turned in and presented to my class on Feb. 28, 1996. At the time of its creation, there were no more than 5 periodic tables on the web. This science project then went on to the school science fair, where it won first place in the newly formed "Computer Science/Mathematics" category. The next month, my periodic table won the "Navy/Marines Distinguished Achievement Special Award" at the 40th Piedmont Region III Science Fair. Since then, the table has changed URLs twice, has been updated significantly, and increased in popularity from only 50 visitors/day to as many as 7000 visitors each day and climbing!

Creating The Site

In creating and updating this site, I made use of many computer programs. Most of the HTML files you see here were created using the Webber HTML editor. The graphics on this site were created using many different software packages. The information in this table came from quite a few sources. I used numerous software tables, my 8th and 9th grade science textbooks, press releases from the discoverers of some of the heavier elements, and a few software and paper encyclopedias and books. One of the most important and helpful resources in creating any site is user feedback, something which has helped me maintain this periodic table. I am now using a Java stand alone application to update the site.

Advertising on this Site

Recently, I've added advertising to this site in order to make up for the costs I incur because of having this site on its own domain hosting the site on Pair Networks, a fast commercial host, and in order to make a profit from the work I put into this site. If you are interested in products my advertisers have to offer, please click on their banner to find out more. The banners on this site are managed through Burst! Media, an online advertising broker. If you are interested in advertising on this site, please go to their site and e-mail them or call them, and mention that you want to advertise on Chemical Elements.com, site code 3794.

More Coming Soon!

I'm always looking to update this site and add more information. If you know of something that would make this page better, please let me know and I'll do my best to add it in future updates.

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